Pacific Ocean

Why would I write about the Ocean? Ohh boy, there is so much to say about this beautiful body of water. I go there a lot because I want to take it in and feel small. I love that feeling, you know what I mean?! Sitting at the beach and simply observing the great open ocean and feel small.

My problems seem to dissipate as well because I see how great nature is and how small I am and my problems in comparison. My intention with this is not to simply babble about nature but to encourage you to learn and improve your life. Choose to be happy, choose joy. It won’t come by itself. You have to be proactive and that takes practice.

I would encourage you to find a wide open space, if you don’t live close by the ocean than maybe a lake or something that makes you feel small. Don’t be afraid because the idea is to be part of something that is much bigger than you are. We get so wrapped up in our lives and problems that we can sink and not know what to do. In order to turn our lives around we need something that will challenge our paradigm and shift our focus away from ourselves.

If you are having a crappy week or day, then be encouraged. Find a friend or go on youtube and look up motivational videos. Don’t ever give up. This goes to myself as well because we all have those moments when we don’t know what to do. We are simply on the edge and think that the next step is gonna throw us overboard. That is when we need to pull back and reflect on what is really important¬†and how we can change our lives.

Be encouraged. Don’t let anyone keep you down. We all get knocked down but we can choose to stay there or stand up.